The County derives its revenues from a variety of sources. The largest of these are from sales and property taxes, Federal and State aid and departmental revenues. With approximately 423,000 properties, Nassau County is the second largest assessing jurisdiction in the State of New York.


Sales Tax

Sales Tax is the largest revenue source for the County, accounting for 35% of revenues. The Sales Tax rate is 8.625%. The tax rate consists of three components: four percent (4%), which is retained by the State; three-eighths percent (3/8%) is earmarked for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority; and four and one-quarter percent (4-1/4%), which is forwarded to the County, of which one-quarter percent (1/4%) is distributed to the three towns and two cities.

Sales Tax Pie Chart - See Description Above

Property Tax

Property Tax is the second largest revenue source for the County accounting, for 28% of revenues.

Visit to access nearly all information maintained by the Nassau County Department of Assessment, including assessment roll data, district information, tax maps, property photographs, past taxes, tax rates, exemptions with amounts and comparable sales, and the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS).