A Modern, Efficient Transportation System

The average commute for Nassau County professionals is approximately 30 minutes, with a variety of public transportation options to ensure residents get where they need to go quickly and easily.

Long Island Railroad

Nassau County’s Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is the largest commuter railroad in the U.S., carrying nearly 300,000 passengers daily to 124 stations on 381 miles of track.

LIRR provides service to all of Nassau County, with 11 branch lines operating services to western destinations of Penn Station in Manhattan, Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Jamaica and Hunters Point/Long Island City in Queens, as well as service to eastern destinations in Suffolk County. Links to New York City’s subway and the AirTrain to JFK International Airport are available at Jamaica Station in Queens.

With over 50 LIRR stations in Nassau County alone, quick trips to New York City are simple and routine for business people working in Nassau County. Commutes to Penn Station take less than 30 minutes. The LIRR is also completing work on its East Side Access Project, which will add a new hub in Grand Central Terminal and provide direct access from Long Island to Manhattan’s East Side by 2015.

Ground Transportation

Nassau County’s highway system consists of 4,000 miles of paved roads, including eight major east-west roadways that provide direct through service to NYC. Interstate 495 (I-495) connects Nassau County with New York City via the Queens-Midtown Tunnel and with I-95 through I-295 in Queens. In addition to I-95, I-78 and I-87 pass through New York City, with auxiliary interstate highways providing connections near surrounding areas of Nassau County.