Where a Legacy of Life Science R&D Propels New Discoveries

When James Watson and a team of scientists announced the structure of DNA at Nassau County’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 1953, the achievement was hailed as a new era in biology – and it also paved the way for a legacy of bio-innovation in Nassau County.

Today, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is home to eight Nobel Prize winners and its multidisciplinary scientific community is now more than 350 scientists strong. Cold Spring Harbor’s Hillside Laboratories opened in 2009, representing its largest expansion in history and increasing active research space by 40%. The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Winthrop University Hospital are two of the many nationally ranked hospitals and R&D systems continually producing new research in Nassau County’s life sciences field.

Nassau County’s R&D prowess has attracted investment from many leading life sciences companies. EON Labs, Pall Biomedical Products and Tishcon Corp. are a few examples of companies capitalizing on Nassau County’s highly skilled workforce and available research capacity.