From Homeland Security Jobs to Cyber Security

Recognizing the increasingly high-tech and cross-disciplinary nature of homeland security, Nassau County’s Morrelly Center for Homeland Security has become a hub for first responders at the federal and state level to develop new technologies, share expertise, provide homeland security jobs and accelerate the transfer of new ideas into new market-driven products and systems.

Located at a site where scientists built the spacecraft that landed on the moon, The Morrelly Center is a unique initiative of the U.S. Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security. It is the first homeland security center of its kind in the nation, bringing together operational emergency first responders with companies developing innovative solutions to fight our nation’s most pressing security challenges.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Police and Nassau County Office of Emergency Management are just a few of the first-response organizations housed in the three-floor, 90,000-square-foot facility. Leaders from tenant organizations convene regularly with local private sector companies to test new technologies and discuss critical issues. Such a breeding ground for innovation in the homeland security industry is unparalleled anywhere in the U.S., giving Nassau County companies a significant advantage based on the resources literally at their fingertips.