A History of Manufacturing. A Future of Technology

Nassau County’s skilled workforce and long manufacturing history make it a prime destination for companies looking to establish or expand precision manufacturing operations. From Cox & Company’s ice protection systems to Tishcon Corp.’s vitamins, an increasing variety of advanced manufacturing companies are thriving in Nassau County.

The Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT), Nassau County’s premiere technology development organization, recently launched the Advanced Material and Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center. The $15 million facility will contain state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to allow companies and universities to create prototypes and associated manufacturing intellectual property in a collaborative environment.

For companies looking for real estate with prime access to LIFT’s resources, an adjacent 105-acre high-tech campus provides a strategic location for advanced manufacturing needs. Located in the heart of Nassau County’s growing high-tech cluster, this site is positioned to foster collaboration with LIFT, The Morrelly Center and myriad technology companies located on the former Grumman campus.