Cox & Company

World War II had just ended, and the aviation industry was climbing by leaps and bounds. Encouraged by pioneers like Howard Hughes and Leroy Grumman, entrepreneur Duncan Cox started a business that adapted heater tape to prevent icing on airplanes. Today, Cox & Company is an industry leader in the design, development, test and manufacture of high quality custom systems for the aerospace, industrial and transit industries. In fact, its heating system was on the NASA Lunar Module when man walked on the moon.

When faced with rising rents at their Manhattan headquarters, Cox & Company fielded offers to relocate to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Pennsylvania and Nassau County, NY. Ultimately the IDA came to the table, listened to their needs and came up with a plan that minimized moving expenses as well as property and sales taxes. All of which made the decision to move to Plainview not only smart, but easy.

With the help of the IDA, Cox & Company invested $35 million in the new facility and created 130 aerospace engineering jobs in Nassau County. Today, Cox & Company makes temperature control and de-icing equipment on every plane that Boeing and Airbus flies. All of the company’s employees – not to mention the business itself – have had a very smooth landing in Plainview, Long Island.