A Skilled Workforce Fueled by World-Class Education

From Charles Lindbergh’s first trans-Atlantic flight to the discovery of DNA, major technological breakthroughs have been taking place in Nassau County for over a century. Nassau County’s highly skilled workforce stems from a long history in industries such as aerospace and defense, life sciences and advanced manufacturing, while Nassau County’s nine higher education institutions and close proximity to the business capital of the world – New York City – help ensure that its competitive edge is constantly improving.

Nassau County’s population is one of the most educated in the entire United States, with nearly 90% having completed high school and over 40% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. In recent years, the county has seen a dramatic increase in international populations: 18% of Nassau County residents are foreign-born and 23% speak multiple languages at home. Roughly 30% of residents are ethnic minorities. The strong work ethic of Nassau County’s diverse residents is reflected in the outstanding quality of its secondary education. In 2010, five of the top 100 U.S. public high schools were in Nassau County, according to a Newsweek report.

Businesses in Nassau County also have access to 138,000 students at Nassau County’s nine colleges and universities, many of which are leaders in specialized fields and offer customized training programs for local businesses. Nassau County is a hub of R&D in high-tech fields, with programs in place to catalyze technology transfer and support collaboration among educational institutions, the private sector and public organizations.