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    Nassau County: Innovation is in our DNA

    From groundbreaking genetic research to the building of NASA's lunar model, Nassau County’s rich history of innovation translates to a competitive edge for high-tech businesses in aerospace and defense, homeland security, life sciences and more.
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    Strategic Location

    Nassau County is located just 17 miles from the heart of Manhattan, providing unparalleled access to the business capital of the world.
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    Global Access

    Nassau County is only 30 minutes from thousands of daily flights at JFK and LaGuardia, providing easy and efficient access to international markets.

    Nassau County is just 25 miles from The Port of New York and New Jersey, the third largest port in the U.S.
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    Educated Workforce

    Over 40% of Nassau County’s workforce has a bachelor’s degree or higher – compared to 27.5% nationally – making our talent pool one of the most educated in the United States.
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    Quality of Life

    Nassau County is home to 188 miles of coastline and an unmatched quality of life.